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Hypnosis is a fast and effective way to address subconscious habits and patterns that you have developed over your lifetime. Hypnosis allows you to change negative embedded habits to make real-life changes physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Most clients who come in for hypnosis the first time simply do not know what to expect. Knowing what hypnosis is and is not and how it works will help you to feel comfortable and confident even during your first session.


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Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply put a relaxed state of body and mind. The feeling of hypnosis in its most basic form is a complete feeling of relaxation. When your mind is relaxed it allows us to tap into subconscious patterns and make permanent changes.



David's goal from the time he arrives until the time he leaves is to make sure all your guests have a great time! They'll be rolling in the aisles and holding their sides as their friends do silly and hilarious things on stage!



With content and themes that are appropriate for all audiences, you'll never have to worry whether David's show is appropriate for your event.



Throughout his performance, David weaves in themes of inspiration and empowerment. Your volunteers and guests will leave the show feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired.



David will take the time to ensure that your group or event theme is included in the show. Each show can be easily personalized to ensure a successful event!

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About David Wright

David R. Wright MA, LPC, NCC (The Motor City Hypnotist) has been practicing in a clinical setting for over 29 years. He is currently the owner and Clinical Director of an outpatient therapy clinic in Taylor, Michigan (a southern suburb of Detroit). Mr. Wright is high in demand for personal hypnosis sessions where he helps clients with everything from phobias to weight loss to smoking cessation to anxiety reduction (and many more issues).

Mr. Wright began his career helping others while still in high school when he began volunteering as a counselor at summer camp. He spent 7 summers during high school and college working directly with teenagers. He went on and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and his Master’s Degree in Counseling. In addition to being a Certified Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist, Mr. Wright is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor.

More than just leaving audiences laughing, Mr. Wright teaches, educates and also promotes positive messages during his comedy stage shows (such as not driving and texting for teenage/college crowds or performance improvement for athletes and business professionals).

All shows are personally tailored to the event and age group of the audience. The focus is on the volunteers who become the stars of the show. Mr. Wright also does not perform his show and “disappear”, he is excited and happy to meet his audience and mingle with them prior to and after the show, often resulting in spontaneous hypnosis sessions with small groups or one on one.

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